Zendesk AI

Zendesk AI

What is Zendesk AI ?

Zendesk AI is a customer service platform that uses artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience. With billions of real customer interactions, The tool is able to understand customer needs and provide personalized support without any extra work for the company.

Zendesk AI Key Features:

  • Expert CX for businesses: Zendesk offers AI tools that suggest responses and detect customer intent, empowering agents to offer better service.
  • Bots and automation: Zendesk AI-powered bots can solve requests or find the right agent on their own, without any manual effort.
  • Agent efficiency: With AI tools, agents can quickly expand, summarize, and shift the tone of their messages to resolve issues with speed and consistency.
  • Intelligent knowledge base: This tool can automatically turn bullet points into complete articles and suggest missing articles to improve self-service.

Use Cases:

  • Customer service: The platform can assist agents in providing personalized and efficient support, leading to a decrease in annual tickets and an increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Sales: By understanding customer needs and providing personalized support, this can help sales teams close deals more effectively.
  • Employee experience: This AI tool can be used for internal teams, such as HR and IT, to offload repetitive requests and free up time for more important tasks.
  • Data protection: The platform is covered by industry-standard security and privacy measures, making it a reliable option for industries that require data protection compliance.

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