Reach AI

Reach AI

What is Reach AI ?

Reach AI is a fully automated and integrated marketing engagement platform that helps businesses attract new clients, engage with existing clients, and gather feedback from their most loyal clients. The platform uses AI to analyze your client booking history and trends from your scheduling software platform to communicate with your clients automatically.

Key Features of Reach AI:

  • Appointment AI: This fills open appointments by matching clients that are due or overdue for their service with a time and day that fits their preferences.
  • Reputation AI: Reach AI communicates with your most loyal clients after their services to ensure you are generating reviews and managing your client feedback properly.
  • Messaging GPT (Coming Fall 2023): This platform Messaging GPT uses AI to create perfect emails which allow you to customize one off communications your clients will love!

Use cases:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Automate your email outreach for lead generation, content promotion, event invitations, and more. helps you reach a wider audience and increase your conversion rates.
  • Sales Outreach: Streamline your sales prospecting efforts by automating your cold email outreach. Personalize your messages and follow up automatically to nurture leads and close deals faster.
  • PR and Media Relations: Reach out to journalists, influencers, and bloggers to promote your brand or product. The tool allows you to manage your media contacts and track your outreach performance.
  • Recruitment: Automate your candidate outreach and streamline your hiring process. Reach AI helps you connect with potential candidates, schedule interviews, and track your recruitment efforts.
  • Partnership Outreach: Reach out to potential partners and collaborators to explore business opportunities. This platform makes it easy to manage your partnership contacts and track your outreach progress.

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