Superhuman AI

Superhuman AI

What is Superhuman AI?

Superhuman AI is an email productivity tool that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline your workflow. It boasts features designed to help you write faster, manage your inbox more efficiently, and stay focused on what matters most. However, it’s important to consider its limitations before subscribing.

Superhuman AI Key Features:

  • AI-powered Writing Assistant: Superhuman AI analyzes your writing style and suggests improvements, including grammar correction, completing sentences, and paraphrasing for clarity.
  • Automated Workflows: Set up rules to automatically categorize emails, schedule follow-ups, and unsubscribe from unwanted emails, saving you valuable time.
  • Advanced Search & Filtering: Find specific information within your inbox quickly with powerful search functions and customizable filters.
  • Distraction-free Interface: Superhuman AI prioritizes a clean and streamlined interface to minimize distractions and improve focus while working on your emails.

Use Cases:

  • Busy Professionals: Streamline your email workflow and save time spent managing a cluttered inbox.
  • Frequent Emailers: Superhuman AI’s writing suggestions and automated features can be a significant time-saver for those who send and receive a high volume of emails daily.
  • People Who Want to Improve Writing: Learn from Superhuman AI’s suggestions and improve the clarity and conciseness of your email communication.

How it Works:

  1. Integration: Superhuman AI integrates with your existing email provider, allowing you to access its features directly within your inbox.
  2. AI Analysis: As you type emails, Superhuman AI analyzes your writing style and provides suggestions in real-time.
  3. Automated Actions: Set pre-defined rules to automatically organize your inbox, prioritize emails, and manage repetitive tasks.
  4. Advanced Search: Utilize powerful search filters and keywords to pinpoint specific information within your emails quickly.


Superhuman AI charges a monthly subscription fee, with the exact price not publicly available. News articles suggest it can be quite expensive compared to other email management tools.


  • Is Superhuman AI better than free email services?

For casual email users, free services might be sufficient. This tool caters more towards professionals who require advanced features and are willing to pay the subscription fee.

  • Does Superhuman AI work with all email providers?

While specific information is limited, Superhuman likely integrates with major email providers like Gmail and Outlook.

  • Is there a free trial for Superhuman AI?

Information on free trials is not readily available. It’s best to check the website for the latest updates on pricing and trial offers.

Paid version: Starting from $30 Per month

Superhuman AI Superhuman AI