What is Typegrow ?

Typegrow is an AI tool designed to help users grow their audience on LinkedIn by creating and scheduling high-quality content with less effort. It offers a variety of tools, including an AI assistant, post scheduler, growth tools, and a viral posts library, to help users maximize their growth potential on the platform. With a user-friendly interface and a generous free plan, Typegrow is suitable for both beginners and experienced LinkedIn users.

Typegrow Key Features:

  • AI assistant for creating and improving content
  • Post scheduler for easy and efficient posting
  • Growth tools, including a carousel maker and hook generator
  • Viral posts library with over 1 million posts for inspiration and analysis
  • Free LinkedIn tools, such as a carousel generator and character counter

Use Cases:

  • Professionals looking to grow their LinkedIn presence and increase their reach and engagement
  • Businesses and brands looking to build their brand on LinkedIn and attract potential clients or customers
  • Content creators and marketers who want to save time and effort in creating and scheduling content on LinkedIn
  • Anyone interested in leveraging the power of AI to improve their LinkedIn strategy and grow their audience.

Paid version: Starting from $Not Fixed

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