What is it is an AI-powered platform designed to automate and streamline your Instagram content creation and scheduling. Think of it as a personal assistant that generates engaging content, designs beautiful visuals, and schedules posts directly to your Instagram – all in minutes. Key Features:

  • AI-powered Content Generation: Tell the AI your topic, target audience, and desired tone, and it will instantly create unique and engaging captions, hashtags, and even stories.
  • Design Studio: Access a library of customizable templates and design tools to create stunning visuals for your posts and stories. No graphic design experience needed!
  • Instagram Scheduler: Easily schedule your posts and stories in advance, ensuring consistent and timely content delivery.
  • Performance Analytics: Track key metrics like likes, comments, and reach to understand what resonates with your audience and optimize your strategy.
  • Content Calendar: Organize your content ideas and visually plan your Instagram feed for maximum impact.

Use Cases:

  • Busy entrepreneurs and influencers: Save time and effort by automating content creation and scheduling.
  • Social media managers:¬†Manage multiple Instagram accounts efficiently and ensure brand consistency.
  • Small businesses: Create professional-looking content even without design expertise.
  • Personal brands: Grow your audience and engagement with high-quality, consistent content.
  • Creative professionals: Get inspiration and explore new content ideas for your Instagram feed.


  • Do I need to be a tech whiz to use No! The platform is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, regardless of technical experience.
  • Can I customize the AI-generated content? Absolutely! You can provide specific instructions and preferences to ensure the content aligns with your brand and voice.
  • Does automatically post to my Instagram account? Yes, but you’ll need to connect your account and authorize the platform for posting.
  • Is there a free plan? Yes, offers a limited free plan. Paid plans unlock additional features like more content generations, scheduling slots, and analytics insights.

Paid version: Starting from $27.99 Per month