SupportGuy AI

SupportGuy AI

What is SupportGuy AI ?

SupportGuy AI is a customer support platform powered by ChatGPT, a chatbot trained on your knowledge base. It offers an efficient and fast way to resolve customer queries by providing an in-house assistant accessible 24/7 within Slack. With easy setup and integration, SupportGuy takes only 10 minutes to get started. The platform allows you to add data from various sources like websites, links, or PDF documents and use it to create a chatbot for your workspace. With affordable pricing options and a range of features, SupportGuy is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve their customer support.

SupportGuy AI Key Features:

  • Chatbot trained on your knowledge base
  • Easy setup and integration with Slack
  • Ability to add data from various sources
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Range of features including multiple chatbots, character and document limits, email notifications, and priority support

Use Cases:

  • Customer support for online businesses
  • Internal knowledge base for employees
  • FAQ assistance for websites
  • Technical support for software companies
  • Quick access to information for team collaboration

Paid version: Starting from $

SupportGuy AI SupportGuy AI