Sonara AI

Sonara AI

What is Sonara AI ?

Sonara AI is an AI-powered job search automation platform that simplifies and streamlines the process of finding and applying for relevant job openings. By using advanced technology and human expertise, Sonara is able to save job seekers time and effort by automatically applying to job opportunities on their behalf. This not only increases the chances of getting hired, but also uncovers hidden job opportunities that may have been missed otherwise.

Sonara AI Key Features:

  • Automated job search and applications with AI
  • One-time questionnaire to understand job preferences
  • Daily search for top job opportunities
  • Application on behalf of user
  • Personalized representation to stand out to employers

Use Cases:

  • Busy professionals looking for a new job while still employed
  • Job seekers of all levels looking to save time and increase chances of getting hired
  • Those looking to uncover hidden job opportunities and expand their job search beyond their network
  • Individuals seeking a more efficient and effective job search process

Paid version: Starting from $19.99 Per month

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