Juucy AI

Juucy AI

What is Juucy AI ?

Juucy AI is an automated recruiting platform powered by OpenAI GPT-4 that helps companies hire tech talent from Europe quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. With juucy, companies can save up to 30 hours per week on recruiting tasks and access a pool of over 80,000 active candidates.

Juucy AI Key Features:

  • Seamless collaboration between humans and AI to understand hiring needs
  • Automated outreach, job ads, and resume screening
  • Continuous improvement through feedback to generate better results over time
  • Ready-to-hire and pre-qualified applicants in as little as 24-72 hours
  • Cost-efficient compared to job boards or agencies
  • Human augmentation to ensure accuracy in candidate selection

Use Cases:

  • Companies looking to fill tech roles quickly and efficiently
  • Busy entrepreneurs who need help with sourcing and vetting candidates
  • Employers looking to save time and money on their recruiting processes
  • Companies with hard-to-fill tech roles
  • Employers interested in hiring full-time or freelance tech talent
  • Employers without an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) looking for a streamlined process.

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