What is PromeAI ?

PromeAI is an AI-powered design assistant that helps bring creative ideas to life. It provides an extensive controllable AIGC (C-AIGC) model style library, making it an ideal tool for architects, interior designers, product designers, game animation designers, and more. PromeAI offers 250 million+ designs, 100,000+ PRO members, 1700+ design styles, and a variety of tools for image generation, sketch rendering, creative fusion, image variation, photo to sketch, background diffusion, AI supermodel, text effects, image editing, outpainting, relight, video images to video, and text to video. 

PromeAI Key Features:

  • Image Generation: Turn text into stunning AI-generated images, producing stunning art, illustrations, drawings, paintings, and images.
  • Creative Fusion: Blend the structural creativity of your sketch with artistic styles, creating unique and breathtaking artworks.
  • Image Variation: Generate images with similar styles, layouts, perspectives, and sensory experiences.
  • Photo To Sketch: Upload a photo to convert it into a line drawing effect.
  • Background Diffusion: Automatically remove the background and generate an ideal background based on templates or text.
  • AI Supermodel: Upload photos of mannequins or amateur models, choose products, and create models and backgrounds.
  • Text Effects: Render black and white text layouts into 3D various effects.
  • Image Editing: Erase & Replace select the area that needs to be modified and enter the replacement content.
  • Outpainting: Expand the image content based on proportions or dimensions.
  • Relight: Image relighting and brightness enhancement. Adjust lighting parameters, and transform your visuals.
  • Video Image to Video: Upload your favorite images and quickly transform them into high-quality videos.
  • Text to Video: Turn text into amazing AI videos, turning your wildest imagination into reality.

Use Cases:

  • Individuals without design background: Enable individuals without design background to become designers.
  • Designers: Assisting designers in refining design proposals and achieving rapid validation of design sketches.
  • Internet operations personnel: Quickly create promotional materials such as posters and flyers, streamlining event preparation process.
  • Marketing Personnel: Create personalized product showcase images effortlessly without the need for professional graphic artists.
  • Beginners and Educators: Enhancing your design ability through rapid scheme validation.
  • Companies, Institutions, and Organizations: Reduce company operational costs and save on the economic expenses of hiring professional designers or agencies.

Paid version: Starting from $19 Per month

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