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What is Diagram AI ?

Diagram AI is a suite of design tools that use AI to help designers create better designs faster. The tools include Magician, which can generate SVG icons, images, and text; Genius, which can help designers iterate on their designs and come up with new ideas; and Automator, which can automate repetitive design tasks.

Key features of Diagram AI include:

  • Magic Icon: Generate infinitely scalable SVG icons to use anywhere in your design.
  • Magic Image: Quickly generate images in Figma while you design.
  • Magic Copy: Write, edit, and rewrite Figma text layers so you can design with real copy.
  • Genius: Generate fully-editable UI designs with just a simple product description.
  • Automator: Turn hours of long, tedious busy work into a single click.

Use cases:

  • Creating icons, images, and text for your designs.
  • Prototyping new designs and iterating on them quickly.
  • Automating repetitive design tasks.
  • Getting help with design from a AI assistant.

Paid version: Starting from $0 Per month

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