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What is Magical AI ?

Magical AI is a free AI writing assistant that helps users save time and improve efficiency in their daily work tasks. It uses advanced technology from OpenAI‘s GPT3.5 model to provide quick and accurate responses to emails, social media messages, and customer chats. It eliminates the need for AI training and can be used on various platforms, including Gmail, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Magical AI Key Features:

  • Quick replies: Generate responses to emails and messages in one click, personalized with information from the original message.
  • AI Prompt: Simply type “//” anywhere on the web and let AI assist in writing emails, subject lines, tweets, or any type of content.
  • Data extraction: Easily extract data from search results on platforms like LinkedIn and Crunchbase with just one click.

Use Cases:

  • Sales: With Magical AI Create effective outreach emails and responses to customer inquiries in no time.
  • Customer Support: Respond to customer chats and emails with personalized and accurate messages.
  • Recruiting: Draft messages to potential candidates and automate repetitive tasks like updating databases.
  • Healthcare: Improve communication with patients by automating responses to common inquiries.

Paid version: Starting from $6.5 Per month

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