SmartWriter AI

SmartWriter AI

What is SmartWriter AI?

SmartWriter AI is an AI-powered email and outreach automation tool that helps you create personalized, high-converting emails in seconds. It’s perfect for B2B sales, recruiting, and even low-online-presence businesses like salons.

The tool uses artificial intelligence to find and integrate data from various online sources, including podcasts, articles, medium blogs, and interviews. This information is then used to create personalized, context-rich emails that are tailored to each individual prospect.

In addition to creating personalized emails, SmartWriter AI can also help you with automated research, lead generation, and outreach scheduling. This makes it a powerful tool for anyone who wants to improve their email marketing and outreach efforts.

SmartWriter AI Key features:

  • Automated research: Scans over 42 data sources to gather all the relevant information about your prospects.
  • Personalization at scale: Leverages data from your prospects’ recent online activities, job profiles, and social posts to create unique, context-rich emails.
  • High-converting emails: SmartWriter AI provides proven emotion-conversion copywriting techniques to ensure your emails capture attention and drive action.
  • Multi-niche lead lists: Build large, verified lead lists that you can use for future campaigns.
  • Automated outreach: Schedule an entire sequence of personalized emails and follow-ups.

Use cases:

  • B2B sales: Send contextual, tailored emails based on information gathered from podcasts, interviews, and articles related to your prospects.
  • Social personalization: SmartWriter can create messages that instantly grab your prospect’s attention and make your outreach stand out.
  • Offline businesses: Connect on a deeper, more meaningful level with the decision-makers at businesses with a low online presence.

Paid version: Starting from $59 Per month

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