JustReply AI

JustReply AI

What is JustReply AI ?

JustReply AI is a customer support tool designed for teams that use Slack for communication. It allows users to view, assign, reply, and resolve support conversations directly from within their Slack workspace. JustReply is an ideal alternative to Intercom for smaller teams where everyone is involved in customer support.

JustReply AI Key Features:

  • Slack integration for seamless support management
  • Beautiful helpcenter with customizable templates
  • Flexible chat widget with options for live chat, email support, voice support, and video support
  • Minimalist inbox for prioritizing conversations
  • Speedy macros for frequently asked questions
  • Powerful search function for quick navigation
  • Smart editor with AI autocomplete for support articles

Use Cases:

  • Startups and small businesses that live and breathe inside Slack
  • Teams that want to improve response time and efficiency in customer support
  • Companies that prefer a minimalist and customizable helpcenter
  • Support teams that want to streamline their workflow and prioritize conversations
  • Organizations that want to empower their entire team to assist with customer support

Paid version: Starting from $19 Per month

JustReply AI JustReply AI