Cheat Layer AI

Cheat Layer AI

What is Cheat Layer AI ?

Cheat Layer AI is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of AI agents to help businesses grow and automate their tasks. It provides a quick and easy solution for businesses to build an AI team without having to learn new tools or hire additional staff. With 1-click forms, Cheat AI Layer allows users to deploy product, marketing, and sales agents in the cloud, saving time and resources. This platform also offers a private calendar for onboarding and custom automations, making it a one-stop solution for businesses looking to leverage AI technology.

Cheat Layer AI Key Features:

  • 1-click Desktop Cloud Agents for product, marketing, and sales
  • TikTok and Twitter Marketing Agents with automated A/B testing
  • Cold outbound lead gen and sales agent with 10,000 emails/month
  • GPT-4 powered phone sales agent for personalized conversations and instant responses
  • Integration with Google Chrome Extension for easy access
  • Automated app and website building with Project Atlas
  • B2B lead scraping with multiple enrichment APIs
  • Autonomous social media agents for growing any brand on auto-pilot
  • Embeddable agents for custom automations on any website
  • Office Hours with expert software engineers for building custom automations
  • Private calendar with founders for personalized onboarding and setting up sales teams or agencies.

Use Cases:

  • Small businesses looking to automate and grow their brand on social media can use Cheat Layer’s TikTok and Twitter Marketing Agents.
  • Sales teams can benefit from Cheat Layer’s phone sales agent for personalized conversations and lead generation.
  • Businesses in need of custom automations can use Cheat Layer’s Office Hours feature to work with expert software engineers.
  • Companies looking for a quick and easy solution to build apps and websites can use Project Atlas.
  • B2B companies can use Cheat Layer’s lead scraping feature to gather valuable data for their business.
  • Any business looking to automate tasks and improve efficiency can benefit from Cheat Layer’s various agents and features.

Paid version: Starting from $0 Per month

Cheat Layer AI Cheat Layer AI