Regie AI

Regie AI

What is Regie AI ?

Regie AI is an AI-powered auto-pilot agent for sales teams to help them automate their prospecting efforts. The platform uses Generative AI and data insights to identify target accounts and prospects, personalize content for each recipient, prioritize outreach based on engagement and intent data, and engage leads through various channels such as email, social media, and call. This tool seamlessly integrates with sales engagement platforms, CRMs, and intent providers to simplify the revops process. Regie AI is suitable for sales leaders, account executives, sales development reps, and marketers looking to scale their content production and improve their pipeline.

Regie AI Key Features:

  • AI Sales Agent: Automate prospecting and booking meetings using Generative AI for Sales Agents.
  • Personalization and Content Customization: Use customizable AI prompts to generate messaging and ensure maximum relevance and contextualization.
  • Outbound Prioritization: Regie AI Utilize engagement and intent data to prioritize outreach to prospects who are actively looking to buy.
  • Dynamic Audience Engagement: Target engaged buyers with accelerated touches while unengaged prospects are nurtured until sales ready.
  • Integration: Works seamlessly with sales engagement platforms, CRMs, and intent providers.

Use Cases:

  • For Sales:
    • Automate the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of prospecting and engage untapped segments of the market.
    • Increase inbound and outbound conversion rates by prioritizing outreach based on engagement and intent data.
  • For Marketing:
    • Regie Simplify the revops process by unifying core RevTech systems like sales engagement platforms, CRM, and intent providers.
    • Improve content production and accuracy and ensure marketing-approved language is used consistently in sales outreach messaging.
  • For All:
    • Increase efficiency and productivity by automating top-of-funnel prospecting.
    • Improve lead quality and focus on high-intent leads to maximize sales value.
    • Rest assured knowing that messaging updates in real-time for full-funnel brand protection.

Paid version: Starting from $59 Per month

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