Boost AI

Boost AI

What is Boost AI ?

Boost AI is a conversational AI platform for enterprises that automates customer service with AI-powered chat and voice bots. It also allows for personalized connections between customers and brands, manages high traffic, and reduces costs. The platform is scalable and secure, and integrates seamlessly with existing ecosystems. It also harnesses the power of generative AI, providing a hybrid AI approach that empowers both human and virtual agents. has a proven track record in customer satisfaction and has won awards for best bots/chatbots and AI application development. The platform offers solutions for customer self-service, internal virtual agents, and various industries such as financial services, insurance, and telecom.

Boost AI Key Features:

  • AI-powered chat and voice bots
  • Personalized connections between customers and brands
  • Scalable and secure integration with existing ecosystems
  • Generative AI functionality for both human and virtual agents
  • Solutions for customer self-service and internal virtual agents
  • Industry-specific solutions for financial services, insurance, and telecom

Use Cases:

  • Boost AI can automating customer service through chat and voice bots to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Providing personalized and consistent interactions between customers and brands to improve customer satisfaction
  • Managing high traffic and peak service times with 24/7 support that exceeds customer expectations
  • Empowering human and virtual agents with generative AI to improve response times and accuracy
  • Integrating with business applications and elevating customer experiences through authentication and CX solutions.

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