Auto Gmail

Auto Gmail

What is Auto Gmail ?

Auto Gmail is an AI email agent that helps you save time and improve your email efficiency. It connects to your inbox, learns from your past emails, and drafts responses for your unopened emails. It works with Gmail, Outlook, and other popular email clients, and can be trained to understand your specific writing style.

Auto Gmail Key Features:

  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • GPT-4 trained on your entire inbox
  • Pre-written draft responses for unopened emails
  • Works in the background, even when you’re away
  • Personalized customer support at a fraction of the cost

Use Cases:

  • Improve customer support response time and quality
  • Streamline email communication for startups and small businesses
  • Save time and increase productivity for individuals with high email volume
  • Easily integrate with popular customer support tools
  • Empower support teams to respond faster and with more empathy

Paid version: Starting from $47 Per month

Auto Gmail Auto Gmail