Zoom AI

Zoom AI

What is Zoom AI ?

Zoom AI is a smart AI assistant that is included at no additional cost with paid services in Zoom user accounts. It empowers users to increase productivity, improve team effectiveness, and enhance their skills. Zoom’s unique federated approach to AI ensures high-quality results when drafting emails and chat messages, summarizing meetings and chat threads, brainstorming creatively, and more. It offers a simple and easy-to-use experience that users are familiar with. With automated meeting summaries, smart recordings, and language support, This AI Companion streamlines information sharing and boosts productivity.

Zoom AI Key Features:

  • Intelligent processing of recordings for faster consumption
  • Generation of meeting summaries and next steps
  • In-meeting queries for catching up on missed information
  • Feedback on presentation skills
  • Multilingual support for in-meeting questions and summaries
  • Drafting of chat responses and messages
  • Summarization of chat threads
  • Whiteboard content generation and refinement
  • Drafting of emails and event content
  • Communication with event attendees through chat compose

Use Cases:

  • Boosting collaboration, connection, and creativity
  • Streamlining information sharing and saving time
  • Improving productivity and efficiency in meetings
  • Enhancing communication and engagement with meeting participants
  • Providing valuable insights and feedback for improvement
  • Simplifying communication with multilingual support
  • Generating ideas and refining content on whiteboards
  • Saving time and resources in writing emails and event details
  • Facilitating communication with event attendees.

Paid version: Starting from $14.99 Per month

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