What is ZeroGPT ?

ZeroGPT is a trusted GPT-4, ChatGPT and AI Detector tool that provides users with tools for productively managing their content. It includes a range of features to help users detect and analyze AI generated content with high accuracy. The ZeroGPT platform includes an AI Detector, ZeroCHAT-4 & 5, AI Text Summarizer, AI Paraphraser, AI Grammar & Spell Checker, Word Counter, Citation Generator, and more.

Key Features:

  • AI Detector: With ZeroGPT’s AI Detector, users can accurately detect and analyze AI generated content with high accuracy.
  • ZeroCHAT-4 & 5: Users can use ZeroGPT to create an AI-generated chatbot for their website or application.
  • AI Text Summarizer: Users can quickly and easily create summaries of their content using ZeroGPT’s AI Text Summarizer.
  • AI Paraphraser: The AI Paraphraser tool helps users rephrase their sentences with AI-generated text.
  • AI Grammar & Spell Checker: ZeroGPT’s AI Grammar & Spell Checker helps users spot grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Word Counter: The Word Counter tool helps users quickly and easily count the words in their content.
  • Citation Generator: ZeroGPT’s Citation Generator helps users generate accurate citations for their work.

Use Cases:

  • Content Management: ZeroGPT can be used to manage content by providing users with tools for detecting and analyzing AI generated content.
  • Time Management: ZeroGPT’s Pomonow tool can be used to boost productivity by utilizing the Pomodoro technique.
  • Music Creation: ZeroGPT’s Music Generate tool can be used to create beautiful music with AI. 
  • File Sending: ZeroGPT’s SendBig tool allows users to securely send files up to 30 GB for free.
  • Image Generation: With ZeroGPT’s Unreal Person tool, users can create images using AI.

Paid version: Starting from $9.99 Per month