What is Zeda.io ?

Zeda.io is an AI-powered product discovery and strategy platform designed for B2B and SaaS businesses. It helps teams uncover customer problems, make data-driven decisions, and shape revenue-generating roadmaps. With Zeda, businesses can cut guesswork, solve for customers, and close feedback loops to drive outcomes.

Zeda.io Key Features:

  • Voice of Customer (VoC) Collection: Zeda.io allows businesses to capture and centralize feedback from multiple channels, including widgets, portals, and integrations with customer support tools.
  • AI Feedback Analysis: The platform uses AI and machine learning to interpret customer signals and provide actionable insights.
  • Revenue Impact Analysis: Zeda can associate revenue data with customer feedback and product features to determine the business impact.
  • AI-Powered Release Notes: With AI technology, businesses can create and distribute release notes in seconds and analyze their performance.
  • Strategy Maps: Zeda.io provides a visual representation of product strategies, helping teams align and understand the direction and goals.
  • OKR Integration: Users can connect Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to their product plans and measure the outcomes of each product initiative.

Use Cases:

  • Product Teams: Zeda helps product teams uncover customer problems, make data-driven decisions, and build impactful products.
  • Success Teams: By aligning customer success and product teams, Zeda.io can reduce churn rates, boost NPS and CSAT scores, and drive customer adoption.
  • Sales Teams: The platform can help sales teams close deals faster by providing insights into customer concerns and high-value opportunities.
  • Marketing Teams: Zeda.io can aid marketing teams in product-led growth by uncovering high-revenue product opportunities and entering new markets confidently.

Paid version: Starting from $99 Per month

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