What is WavTool?

WavTool is a browser-based, next-generation Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) powered by artificial intelligence. It empowers musicians of all levels to create original music, explore new sounds, and streamline their workflow. With features like AI-powered music generation, real-time audio manipulation, and cloud-based collaboration, WavTool offers a unique and innovative approach to music production.

Key Features of WavTool:

  • AI-powered Music Generation: Create unique melodies, chords, basslines, and drum patterns using simple text prompts.
  • Real-time Audio Manipulation: Bend, stretch, and transform audio samples and recordings with intuitive controls.
  • Extensive Sample Library: Access a vast collection of instruments, loops, and samples across various genres.
  • Virtual Instruments & Effects: Experiment with different sounds and textures using built-in virtual instruments and effects.
  • Unlimited Tracks & Song Length: Compose without limitations and layer as many tracks as your creativity demands.
  • Cloud-based Collaboration: Share projects and work together with fellow musicians in real-time.

Use Cases:

  • Compose original music in any genre: Generate song ideas, explore new directions, and overcome writer’s block.
  • Remix and rework existing tracks: Add fresh elements, experiment with tempo and sound design, and create mashups.
  • Learn music production: Explore different instruments, techniques, and concepts in a playful and interactive way.
  • Practice songwriting and arrangement: Craft song structures, experiment with harmonies, and develop your musical instincts.
  • Create soundtracks and jingles: Generate custom audio for videos, games, presentations, and other multimedia projects.


  • Is WavTool free to use? Yes, a basic version with limited features is free. Paid plans offer more instruments, samples, and cloud storage.
  • Do I need to know how to code to use WavTool? No, This is designed for both beginners and experienced musicians. The user interface is intuitive and drag-and-drop based.
  • Can I collaborate with other musicians? Yes, the paid plans allow real-time collaboration on projects.
  • What kind of music can I create with WavTool? WavTool is versatile and can be used for any genre, from pop and rock to electronic and classical.


WavTool offers various pricing plans with different features and limitations. You can find detailed information on their website.

Paid version: Starting from $10 Per month

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