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Vidnoz AI

What is Vidnoz AI ?

Vidnoz AI is a free AI video generator that allows users to create engaging videos 10 times faster and with no cost or experience required. With over 300 AI avatars, 470 realistic AI voices, and 300 templates, users can easily create professional videos in just 1 minute. Trusted by over 1000 media teams, companies, and users, This helps increase ROI and save costs.

Vidnoz AI Key Features:

  • Easy and fast video creation with no cost or experience required
  • 300+ AI avatars, 470+ realistic AI voices, and 300+ templates to choose from
  • Ability to personalize videos with custom touches like music, effects, and transitions
  • Supports 140+ languages for text to speech feature
  • Can create videos from text, images, audio, clips, and animations
  • Option to use local files and library of music, images, and animated icons
  • AI avatar that can narrate the story with perfect lip-syncing and gestures
  • Vidnoz AI Flex feature for recording, editing, sharing, and tracking videos in one place

Use Cases:

  • Explainer videos for products or services
  • Training and development videos for companies
  • E-learning videos for educational purposes
  • News videos for media teams
  • Sales and marketing videos for businesses
  • Communication videos for internal or external use
  • Support videos for customer service
  • Social media videos for promotions
  • E-commerce videos for product showcasing
  • Health and medical videos for informative purposes

Paid version: Starting from $29.99 Per month

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