Vidnami pro

Vidnami pro

What is Vidnami pro?

Vidnami Pro is an online video creation platform that uses the power of video marketing to help businesses grow. It is a modern and interactive tool that makes creating video content faster and easier than ever before. With Vidnami Pro, all you need is a script for your video, and the program’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) will automatically split it into appropriate scenes and select thematically matched movie clips from its huge database.

Its AI technology and access to a vast library of assets make it a valuable asset for businesses looking to enhance their video marketing strategies.

Vidnami pro Key Features:

  • AI-powered video splitting and scene selection
  • Access to the Storyblocks database for high-quality video clips, images, and audio tracks
  • Ability to record or upload your own voice track, or use automated voice styles
  • Versatile video creation for various purposes, such as content videos, sales videos, influencer videos, and more

Use Cases:

  • Content videos for blogs, websites, and social media platforms
  • Sales videos to promote products or services
  • Influencer videos to showcase collaborations or promotions
  • E-commerce ads to drive sales and conversions
  • Course videos for online education and training
  • Real estate videos to showcase properties and attract potential buyers
  • Facebook and Instagram ads for targeted marketing campaigns

Paid version: Starting from $47 Per month

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