What is VideoDubber ?

VideoDubber is an AI-first service created for Youtubers, Businesses, and Content Creators. VideoDubber offers premium video translation with Voice Cloning at a price 3x cheaper than the market. It enables users to 10x their subscribers and viewers by translating their videos to multiple languages with Generative AI, and clone their voice in seconds with a single click. VideoDubber also offers subtitles and voice modification, Youtube URL support, and free subtitles downloading. It also has a Starter plan for quick-testing new tech, Pro plan with Voice Cloning, and Enterprise plan with multiple speakers and studio.

VideoDubber Key Features: 

  • Multiple voice and language options: VideoDubber offers over 100+ voices in 99.86% of native languages.
  • Voice Cloning: VideoDubber is the first and only AI to offer Voice Cloning, allowing users to clone their voices in seconds with a single click.
  • Subtitle and Voice Modification: VideoDubber allows users to get auto-generated video subtitles for any language and edit on the go with their own dictionary.
  • Youtube URL Support: Users can upload their videos from Youtube and translate them with VideoDubber.
  • Free Subtitle Downloading: This AI tool allows users to download their subtitles for free.

Use Cases: 

  • Digital Campaigns: This tool enables users to make their Digital Campaigns available in multiple languages to target customers in their own language, increasing conversion. 
  • Youtube Tutorials: Content creators can captivate global audiences and enhance engagement by delivering content in their preferred language.
  • Educational Content: The tool allows users to empower learners worldwide to access their content in their native language, elevating comprehension and knowledge retention. 
  • Car Reviews: Connect with automotive enthusiasts around the world in their preferred language, elevating their car browsing experience and turbocharging viewers for maximum engagement and influence.
  • Documentaries: Break down language barriers and share narratives with a worldwide audience, ensuring stories resonate on a global scale.
  • Wildlife/Travel/Others: Captivate a diverse audience in their native language, making content universally engaging across linguistic boundaries.

Paid version: Starting from $19 Per month

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