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What is Veed IO ?

Veed IO is an AI video editor that provides fast, online, and free video editing services. It is designed for anyone to create professional-quality videos easily, without the need for complicated software. VEED is loved by content creators and teams for its accurate speech-to-subtitles transcription and advanced features such as text formatting, stock library, music and soundwaves, and one-click editing options. It is perfect for a wide range of use cases, from creating demos and tutorials to enhancing and publishing polished videos for social media and marketing purposes.

Veed IO Key Features:

  • With Veed IO Record and edit videos in one place
  • AI automatic subtitling tool
  • Auto-generated subtitles and soundwaves
  • Background noise removal from audio
  • One-click editing features
  • Auto-resizing for different platforms
  • Live collaboration
  • Images and stickers
  • Annotations

Use Cases:

  • Record and edit demos and tutorials
  • Add subtitles to videos with a single click
  • Enhance videos with auto-generated subtitles and soundwaves
  • Remove background noise from audio
  • Edit and publish professional-looking videos for social media and marketing
  • Resize videos for different platforms
  • Collaborate with team members in real-time
  • Add images and stickers to enhance videos
  • Use annotations to make videos more interactive and engaging.

Paid version: Starting from $12 Per month

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