TMate AI

TMate AI

What is TMate AI ?

TMate AI is an AI meeting assistant that helps project managers stay up-to-date on every critical project detail. It uses AI to automatically transcribe meetings, generate summaries and action items, and identify key insights. This tool also includes a browser extension that allows you to capture meetings in real-time on any platform.

TMate is a valuable tool for project managers who want to save time, stay organized, and make better decisions and increase productivity. It is easy to use and can be integrated with a variety of other tools.

Key Features and Use Cases of TMate:

  • Automated transcriptions: This tool automatically transcribes meetings in real-time, so you can focus on the conversation instead of taking notes.
  • Summaries and action items: TMate AI generates summaries and action items for each meeting, so you can quickly get up to speed on what was discussed.
  • Key insights: The platform identifies key insights from your meetings, so you can make better decisions.
  • Cross-meeting tracking: The tool tracks key project elements across all meetings, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest information.
  • Real-time alerts: This tool sends you real-time alerts on important changes and trends impacting your projects.

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Paid version: Starting from $9.99 Per month

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