What is Taskade ?

Taskade is an AI-powered productivity platform designed to help teams collaborate and organize their work. It offers a second brain for teams, allowing them to boost productivity with customizable AI agents and dynamic workflows. Taskade also offers a variety of project views, including lists, boards, tables, calendars, and mind maps, to suit different work styles. With unlimited sharing and collaboration, users can easily share projects, invite guests, and conduct real-time video meetings. The platform also offers AI-powered features such as chatbots and project assistants to streamline tasks and generate new ideas. With Taskade, users can create, train, and run their own AI agents to automate tasks and improve productivity.

Taskade Key Features:

  • AI-powered productivity tools for teams
  • Customizable AI agents for automating tasks
  • Multiple project views (lists, boards, tables, etc)
  • Real-time syncing and collaboration
  • AI chatbots and project assistants
  • Integrated video conferencing
  • AI workflow generator for custom templates
  • Mind mapping for visualizing tasks and ideas
  • Cross-platform accessibility (web, mobile, desktop)

Use Cases:

  • Team collaboration and project management
  • Brainstorming and idea generation
  • Task organization and tracking
  • Meeting and video conferencing
  • Creating SOPs and project sprints
  • Content creation and writing assistance
  • Personal to-do lists and task management
  • Sharing files and collaborating with external teams

Paid version: Starting from $4 Per month

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