Slides AI

Slides AI

What is Slides AI ?

Slides AI is a revolutionary tool that enables users to create professional, engaging presentations from any text in no time. It eliminates the tedious manual slides creation process, and is easy to use with no design skills required. It supports over 100 languages, and provides users with a library of 1.5M premium stock images. Users can also search for citations and icons, and export slides as videos (coming soon). Slides AI is perfect for students, educators, business and marketing professionals, and anyone who wants to save time and effort in creating presentations.

Key Features of Slides AI:

  • Text to Presentation: Simply paste your text into Slides AI and it will automatically create a presentation for you.
  • Topic to Presentation (Private Beta): Just provide your topic and Slides AI will create a presentation for you.
  • Supports 100+ languages: This tool currently supports all the major languages and the app is translated into English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Russian.
  • Search Citations: Use AI to find the citation for your slide content.
  • Search Icons: Search & Customize 100s of different icons.
  • 1.5M Premium Stock Images: Search from 1.5M high quality premium stock image library.
  • Export Slides As Video (Coming Soon): Turn your presentations into videos in seconds.
  • Paraphrase Sentences: Paraphrase sentences to make them unique and engaging.

Use Cases:

  • Students: The tool is perfect for students who are looking for a time-saving solution to create presentations.
  • Educators: Educators can use SlidesAI to create engaging, professional presentations quickly and easily.
  • Business and Marketing Professionals: With SlidesAI, business and marketing professionals can quickly create presentations for various business and marketing needs.
  • Anyone: SlidesAI is a great tool for anyone who needs to create presentations quickly and easily.

Paid version: Starting from $10 Per month

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