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Scite AI

What is Scite AI ?

Scite AI is an AI-powered platform that helps researchers discover and evaluate scientific articles using Smart Citations. With access to over 1.2 billion citation statements from 187 million articles, book chapters, preprints, and datasets, provides users with comprehensive and reliable information. Its key feature, Smart Citations, allows users to see how a publication has been cited and whether it provides supporting or contrasting evidence for a claim. This feature is useful for researchers, universities, and publishers to track research outcomes, improve discoverability, and support authors. With its large language model and personalized assistant, also helps researchers with tasks such as literature searches and reference checks.

Scite AI Key Features:

  • Smart Citations: Provides context and classification of citations to determine their supporting or contrasting evidence.
  • Citation Statements Search: Allows users to search across a mix of metadata and citation statements from research articles.
  • Custom Dashboards: Users can build and manage collections of articles for aggregate insights and notifications.
  • Reference Check: Helps evaluate the usage of references in a manuscript for proper citation.
  • Large Language Model (LLM) Experience for Researchers: Uses large language models to minimize the risk of hallucinations and improve the quality of information and real references.

Use Cases:

  • Researchers: Use scite to find and evaluate research articles, track how publications have been cited, and explore related articles.
  • Universities and Governments: Improve research outcomes and track progress across the organization.
  • Publishers: Improve the discoverability of publications and support authors.
  • Corporate, Pharma, and Enterprise: Stay updated on drug development, clinical trials, and research outcomes.

Paid version: Starting from $11.99 Per month

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