What is Rezi ?

Rezi is a renowned AI-powered resume SaaS software that is trusted by over 1,833,028 users globally. It is the only resume platform that uses leading AI to automate every aspect of creating a hirable resume, such as writing, editing, formatting, and optimizing. Rezi also provides helpful guidance to improve a user’s chances of getting a job, with features such as AI Keyword Targeting, AI Content Writer, Design Control, and the Rezi Score. With Rezi, users can easily design a fully ATS-optimized resume in a few clicks, complete with over 313 professional resume and cover letter examples to get started.

Rezi Key Features:

  • AI Keyword Targeting: Rezi checks and perfectly tailors your resume with keywords for the job you want.
  • AI Content Writer: AI writes metrics-driven resume content for you, focused on what skills and experience employers need.
  • Design Control: Easily design a fully ATS-optimized resume in a few clicks with the ability to choose colors, formatting, font sizing, pictures, and more.
  • Rezi Score: Rezi rates your resume’s quality across 23 key metrics which help you get through Applicant Tracking Systems and more.

Use Cases:

  • Easily download a Microsoft Word DOCX, Google Doc, or .PDF file of your resume to apply to jobs.
  • Submit your resume for an expert review directly in the app.
  • Utilize over 350 resumes, cover letters, and resignation letters as a starting point.
  • Discover related skills in your resume with the AI Skills Explorer.
  • Use your Linkedin Profile to create a resume in seconds with Rezi’s Google Chrome Extension.
  • Take control over format with the Auto-Adjust feature to fit your resume to one page.
  • Learn best practices for each resume section effortlessly as you create your document.
  • Elevate your resume with the choice between modern or traditional fonts.
  • Adapt your resume to any job market with Rezi’s custom paper size adjustment, offering both A4 and Letter formats.
  • Highlight key titles in your resume with a splash of color, while maintaining a professional look.
  • Achieve pixel-perfect formatting with Rezi’s line height adjustment.

Paid version: Starting from $29 Per month

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