Quantified AI

Quantified AI

What is Quantified AI ?

Quantified AI is a sales training software that utilizes AI technology to provide role-play simulations and coaching for sales teams. It is trusted by top selling organizations and offers a unique approach to sales training that is scalable, measurable, and repeatable.

Quantified AI Key Features:

  • AI-generated avatars for realistic role-play simulations
  • Consistent and on-message practice trained on specific products, markets, and processes
  • Evaluation of over 1,400 behaviors to unlock potential and improve sales performance
  • Scalable and safe practice partner for each sales rep
  • Faster ramp time for new team members
  • Certification process for product and messaging training

Use Cases:

  • Sales leaders looking to improve their team’s performance and productivity
  • Sales enablement teams seeking a more effective and scalable approach to training
  • Call centers in need of consistent and on-message practice for their teams
  • Learning and development professionals in various industries
  • Companies in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, professional services, financial services, technology, and insurance sectors

Paid version: Starting from $Not Fixed

Quantified AI Quantified AI

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