Poised AI

Poised AI

What is Poised AI ?

Poised AI is an AI-powered communication coach that helps individuals and teams improve their speaking skills. It provides personalized feedback and suggestions in real-time during presentations and meetings, helping users to become more confident and effective communicators.

Poised is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their communication skills, both personally and professionally. Its real-time feedback and practical insights make it an essential tool for anyone who wants to become a more confident and effective speaker.

Poised AI Key Features:

  • Real-time feedback: Poised AI provides immediate feedback on speaking skills, such as filler words, pace, and energy, allowing users to make adjustments during their presentation.
  • Live speaker notes: The tool automatically brings up meeting notes and crosses them off as they are covered, helping users stay focused and on track.
  • Actionable insights: Poised offers practical suggestions for improvement based on the goals of each specific meeting, allowing users to track their progress over time.
  • Integration with popular tools: Poised works seamlessly with 800+ communication tools including Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Use Cases:

  • Sales Teams: This tool can help sales teams reinforce and refine their sales process on calls, leading to more effective and persuasive communication with clients.
  • Product Managers: Poised AI can assist product managers in telling the story of their product with clarity and conviction, helping to build trust and confidence with stakeholders.
  • Consultants: By using this tool, consultants can instill trust with their internal team and clients, making their communication more effective and impactful.
  • Managers: Clear and effective communication is crucial for managers, and Poised can help them communicate clearly and motivate their team.

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