Photoshop AI

Photoshop AI

What is Photoshop AI ?

Photoshop AI is a powerful photo editing software that utilizes AI technology to enhance the user’s creative process. With features like Generative Fill and Generative Expand, powered by Adobe Firefly AI, users can transform their ideas into reality with ease. The software also offers tools such as Content-Aware Fill and Object Selection, making the editing process faster and more efficient. Photoshop is constantly evolving with new AI-powered features that allow users to create stunning images and artwork.

Photoshop AI Key Features:

  • Generative Fill: Allows users to add new elements to an image by simply describing what they want in a text prompt.
  • Generative Expand: Expands an image in any direction and fills the new space with seamless content.
  • Subject Selection: AI-powered tool that automatically selects and adds the main subject of a photo on a separate layer.
  • Remove Background: Easily replace the background of a photo with a new one.
  • Refine Hair: Allows for precise selection of hair in an image.
  • Content-Aware Fill: Automatically removes and replaces unwanted elements in a photo.

Use Cases:

  • Editing Photos: Photoshop offers a wide range of AI-powered tools to enhance and manipulate photos.
  • Graphic Design: With its advanced features, Photoshop is a go-to software for graphic designers to create logos, posters, and other visual designs.
  • Digital Art: The software’s AI technology makes it easier for artists to bring their imagination to life on a digital canvas.
  • Web Design: Photoshop can be used to design web graphics, website layouts, and more.

Paid version: Starting from $0 Per month

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