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Pendo AI

What is Pendo AI ?

Pendo AI is a product experience platform enhanced with artificial intelligence that helps businesses accelerate how they build and launch products that customers actually want. It utilizes a massive data set based on trillions of data points and billions of daily interactions to provide AI-powered personalization, product discovery, and product-led growth. Pendo AI also offers various AI capabilities such as AI-generated guides, qualitative insights, workflow suggestions, generative campaigns, AI tag assist, and AI chatbot.

Pendo AI Key Features:

  • AI-generated guides and content: Automatically generate in-app guides and onboarding walkthroughs using a built-in writing assistant.
  • AI-generated qualitative insights: Extract, sort, and synthesize key themes and insights from qualitative customer feedback and NPS data.
  • Workflow suggestions: Discover and improve issues in the user journey and optimize the cross-app experience with AI.
  • Generative campaigns: Pendo AI uses machine learning-powered smart lists and auto-generated in-app guide campaigns to drive customer conversion, expansion, or adoption.
  • AI tag assist: Measure product usage with greater speed, accuracy, and confidence using automated tagging and intelligent feature identification.
  • AI chatbot: Access relevant knowledge and information through a new AI chat built into the Pendo Resource Center.

Use Cases:

  • Personalization: Deliver personalized content at the right time to enhance the customer experience.
  • Product discovery: Analyze and identify trends in data for faster customer insights and decision making.
  • Product-led growth: Drive better customer retention, conversions, and engagement with less time and expertise.
  • Data management: Automatically tag and identify product usage data for more accurate and efficient analytics.
  • Customer support: Provide relevant and timely information through the AI chatbot to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Product management: Utilize AI-generated insights and suggestions to optimize the user journey and enhance product development.

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