Originality AI

Originality AI

Originality AI is a comprehensive toolset designed for website owners, content marketers, writers, and publishers to publish their content with integrity. It offers accurate AI content detection, plagiarism checking, and fact checking features to ensure that all published content is original, factually correct, and free of plagiarism. Originality AI also includes a readability checker to help with content ranking on Google. The tool is suitable for publishers, agencies, and writers who want to maintain control over their content creation process and ensure high quality content is published.

Originality AI Key Features:

  • Originality AI provides 99% accuracy in AI content detection, including identifying paraphrase plagiarism
  • Best-in-class plagiarism checking to detect copied content from other sources
  • Automated fact checking aid to save time and ensure accuracy in published content
  • User-friendly plagiarism detection with easy-to-understand percentage scores and shareable reports
  • In-depth readability study to identify the ideal readability scores for high ranking content on Google
  • AI content detector API for easy integration into existing tools or workflows

Use Cases:

  • Web Publishers: With Originality AI publisher can ensure that all content published on your website is original, factually correct, and not AI-generated or plagiarized to avoid potential penalties from Google. Use the systematic fact checking aid to reduce the risk of publishing false information and understand the usage of AI on your entire site.
  • Content Marketing Agencies: Manage a large team and verify a high volume of content to ensure that it is not AI-generated, plagiarized, or factually incorrect. Use the free AI content detection chrome extension and the “watch a writer write” feature to prove false positives wrong and maintain client trust. Share reports and manage team members for better control over the editorial process.
  • Writers: Balance the use of AI writing tools with accurate AI content detection to avoid false positives. Use the free Google Chrome extension to prove that the content was written by you and share the results of AI content detection with clients. Utilize the readability checker to optimize the content for the ideal readability score and use the fact checking aid to ensure accuracy in writing.

Paid version: Starting from $30 One-time

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