Orca AI

Orca AI

What is Orca AI ?

Orca AI is a cutting-edge technology company that provides solutions for enhanced situational awareness in shipping operations. Their technology includes SeaPod, an automated lookout system for ships, and FleetView, an office dashboard for tracking operations performance. With the use of AI and computer vision, The Platform aims to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the shipping industry. Their solutions have been trusted by global leaders and have shown significant results in reducing close encounter events, decreasing emissions, and increasing profitability.

Orca AI Key Features:

  • Fully automated lookout system for ships
  • Office dashboard for tracking operations performance
  • AI and computer vision technology for enhanced situational awareness
  • Automatic detection, alerts, and target prioritization
  • Real-time tracking, monitoring, and reporting

Use Cases:

  • SeaPod: Automated lookout for enhanced situational awareness
  • FleetView: Office dashboard for operations performance tracking
  • Compliance with SMS (safety management system) to ensure safety and prevent accidents
  • Meeting sustainability goals by reducing emissions and fuel consumption
  • Boosting training and decreasing downtime for increased profitability
  • Enabling autonomous shipping future with advanced technology and partnerships

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