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Ontra AI

What is Ontra AI ?

Ontra AI is an AI-powered legal operating system that automates legal processes for private markets. It helps investment firms, such as private equity, venture capital, and real estate firms, to digitize and streamline their legal workflows. This platform includes solutions for contract negotiation, obligation compliance, and entity management. It is trusted by more than 600 investment firms globally and has a 98% customer retention rate.

Ontra AI Key Features:

  • AI-powered contract negotiation: The platform’s software and global network of freelance legal professionals automate the intake, negotiation, and execution of routine contracts such as NDAs.
  • Contract obligation compliance: With Ontra AI, firms can create a digital repository of agreements and track key contract terms and obligations.
  • Entity management: Ontra AI platform streamlines entity management workflows and allows for efficient collaboration from a single source of truth.

Use Cases:

  • Private equity: This tool helps private equity firms to streamline their legal processes and stay ahead of compliance risks.
  • Venture capital: Ontra’s AI-powered solutions enable venture capital firms to gain a competitive edge in fundraising and dealmaking.
  • Real estate: Ontra’s platform automates routine legal tasks for real estate firms, freeing up time for higher value work.
  • Asset managers: This platform solutions help asset managers to quickly answer complex questions from investors and drive organizational accountability.
  • Investment banks: The platform allows investment banks to efficiently manage legal processes and collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Law firms: Ontra’s AI-powered software can assist law firms with contract negotiation and compliance for their clients.
  • Limited partners: This platform helps limited partners to monitor and report on key contract terms and obligations.
  • Hedge funds: Ontra AI solutions enable hedge funds to streamline entity management and stay ahead of growing legal complexities.

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