Notion AI

Notion AI

What is Notion AI ?

Notion AI is an add-on for the Notion platform that brings the power of artificial intelligence to your workspace. With the ability to generate answers, help with writing, and autofill tables, This tool streamlines your work process and helps you find the information you need in seconds. It also offers advanced security measures to keep your data safe.

Notion AI Key Features:

  • Q&A: Quickly get answers to your questions by simply asking Notion.
  • Writing assistance: Eliminate writer’s block and create better content with Notion AI’s help.
  • Autofill tables: Transform overwhelming data into actionable information in just a few clicks.

Use Cases:

  • Recruiting outreach: Generate email headlines to grab the attention of top candidates.
  • Meeting summaries: Let Notion write up summaries and assign action items after a meeting.
  • Weekly meal prep: Tell Notion what’s in your fridge and what flavors you want, and it will create a shopping list and meal plan for you.
  • Video script generator: Get started on your video script with Notion AI’s first draft.

Paid version: Starting from $8 Per month

Notion AI Notion AI