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What is Mostly AI ?

Mostly AI is a synthetic data generation platform that provides a smarter alternative to real data. It offers a way to create artificial versions of real data that is more accessible, flexible, and privacy-safe. Synthetic data is not mock data, it retains the structure and statistical properties of real data, making it a valuable tool for organizations in various industries.

Mostly AI Key Features:

  • Generates synthetic data that closely resembles real data
  • Can manipulate data to create smaller or larger datasets, fill in missing data points, and more
  • Private-by-design, with no 1:1 relationship to original data points
  • No coding required, making it accessible for all users

Use Cases:

  • Data democratization: Enable everyone in an organization to access data without privacy concerns
  • Cross-border and enterprise data sharing: Share synthetic data versions across borders and businesses
  • Product design and development: Use synthetic data to build products without compromising privacy
  • AI/ML development: Use synthetic data to train machine learning models and eliminate biases
  • Fairness and explainability for AI/ML: Fix embedded biases and provide explainability through synthetic data.

Paid version: Starting from $3 Per month

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