What is Magicsnap ?

Magicsnap is an AI-powered photo booth that turns your selfies into movie character-inspired photos. Using just one selfie, the AI model will transform your image into a life-like photo in 4K resolution. It is free to use and no makeup or costumes are required. The AI model is optimised to be fast, so you don’t have to wait hours or days to get your AI-generated photo.

Key Features of Magicsnap:

  • Upload Your Best Selfie: Upload a single photo that shows your face clearly to train the AI.
  • Select A Character: Choose your favourite character from our library of characters available.
  • Generate Within Minutes: Get your AI generated photo within minutes.
  • Life-like Results: Our AI model will make sure that your photos don’t look like they’ve been generated by AI.
  • 4K Glory: All generated photos are in full blown 4K.

Use Cases:

  • Social Media Posts: Create amazing movie character-inspired photos to post on social media.
  • Online Profiles: Create a unique profile picture for your online profiles.
  • Event Photos: Create memorable event photos with your favourite movie characters.
  • Personal Projects: Create unique and creative images for your personal projects.

Paid version: Starting from $2.99 3 Credits

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