Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

What is Magic Eraser ?

Magic Eraser by Magic Studio is a free online tool which allows you to easily remove unwanted objects, people, and text from photos. This tool also known as Magic Eraser io. It requires no signup and is easy to use, simply drag and drop or upload an image in one of the popular formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, HEIC, WEBP, or TIFF. The brush tool can be used to select the area you need removed, and the slider to adjust the brush size. You can also adjust the zoom level to make it easier to select your area. With AI-assisted image editing, you can get stunning edits done in seconds.

Key Features of Magic Eraser:

  • Simple: No skill or experience required, use the brush as freely as a child would
  • Accurate: Use zoom or brush size, and control exactly how you want to edit
  • Quick: With AI-assisted image editing, get stunning edits done in seconds
  • Powerful: Powerful enough for professional designers, photographers, and editors to use everyday

Use Cases:

  • Real Estate Photography: Remove people, furniture, cars, trashcans, and plants to clean up your photos
  • Fashion: Magic eraser can make your listings shine with clean photos that showcase your property
  • Auto Listings: Remove unwanted objects to create stunning photos
  • e-Commerce: Enhance your product photos with clean backgrounds and remove distractions
  • Social Media: Create eye catching profile pictures with AI headshots
  • Comics: Remove objects to create stunning comic scenes

Paid version: Starting from $4.99 Per month

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