Kipper AI

Kipper AI

What is Kipper AI ?

Kipper AI is an AI-powered platform that aims to simplify schoolwork and help students achieve a balanced lifestyle. With this tool, students can use AI for their school assignments without the fear of getting caught by teachers. The platform offers various features such as an AI essay writer, AI teacher, summarizer, and text enhancer to enhance the students’ academic performance. This tool is trusted by over 1 million students and has received positive reviews from users in various fields such as psychology, environmental science, English literature, and criminal law.

Kipper AI Key Features:

  • AI Detection: Kipper’s AI technology is undetectable by teachers, ensuring that students can use it without any consequences.
  • Essay Writer: With just one click, students can generate a plagiarism-free essay using the AI essay writer feature, which also includes built-in anti-AI detection.
  • AI Teacher: Students can upload PDFs, YouTube videos, and other materials to get their questions answered by AI teacher.
  • Summarizer: This feature allows students to transform long-form content such as webpages, YouTube videos, and documents into concise summaries.
  • Text Enhancer: This AI technology can enhance grammar and fix mistakes, helping students work smarter and not just harder.

Use Cases:

  • Simplify Schoolwork: Kipper AI can help students streamline their schoolwork and save time by using AI to generate essays, summarize content, and enhance their writing.
  • Avoid Plagiarism: With this AI essay writer and built-in anti-AI detection, students can ensure that their work is plagiarism-free and original.
  • Improve Academic Performance: By using Kipper’s various features, students can improve their academic performance and achieve better grades.
  • Balance Lifestyle: This tool can help students balance their academic workload and personal life, reducing stress and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Paid version: Starting from $14.99 Per month

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