Kaktus AI

Kaktus AI

What is Kaktus AI ?

Kaktus AI is an AI-powered platform that helps companies track, monitor and boost employee wellbeing. It combines all pillars of HR engagement, recognition and mental wellbeing in one solution with powerful AI analytics tools.

Kaktus AI Key Features:

  • AI-powered software that mines user communications to provide real-time prediction diagnosis/validation for mental wellbeing status
  • Customised individual & teams real-time prediction diagnosis/validation for mental wellbeing status
  • Kaktus AI provides smart surveying tool which combine 15 modules (+500 questions) + a re-imagined 360 reporting system
  • Behavioural science approach that enables companies to create micro-actions at scale to drive change in their organisation
  • Seamless, flexible and automated systems that help companies build their own customised organisation processes
  • Gratitude culture with our recognition solution that shows people that their work is valued, boost productivity and make all talents feel home
  • Custom rewards that fit each company’s culture and teams

Use Cases:

  • Early detection and diagnosis of mental health challenges in the workplace
  • Boosting employee engagement and productivity
  • Creating a positive and healthy workplace culture
  • Building a strong ethos within organisations

Paid version: Starting from $0 Per month

Kaktus AI Kaktus AI