Freed AI

Freed AI

What is Freed AI ?

Freed AI is a medical AI scribe that listens, transcribes, and writes medical documentation for clinicians. It generates after visit summaries and SOAP notes based on medical guidelines and best practice templates. This is self-learning, adapting to the clinician’s style, format, and templates. The AI technology allows clinicians to focus on their patients and leave the office when their last patient does. This tool is HIPAA compliant and does not store patient recordings.

Freed AI Key Features:

  • After Visit Summary: Medical notes are written in the clinician’s style and ready immediately after the visit.
  • SOAP Note: Generated based on medical guidelines and best practice templates, allowing for easy review and approval.
  • Self-Learning: Freed AI adapts to the clinician’s style and format, learning from every edit made.
  • One-Click Copy: The note can be easily copied into the clinician’s preferred EHR with just one click.

Use Cases:

  • Clinicians who want to reduce their documentation workload and focus more on their patients.
  • Clinicians who want to leave the office on time and not have to spend their weekends charting.
  • Clinicians who want to ensure their notes are HIPAA compliant and secure.
  • Clinicians who want to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Paid version: Starting from $99 Per month

Freed AI Freed AI

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