What is Frase ?

Frase is an AI-powered SEO content optimization tool that helps content, SEO, and marketing teams create high-ranking content quickly and easily. With over 30,000 satisfied users, Frase streamlines the content creation process and provides valuable insights to help users craft content that Google loves.

Frase Key Features:

  • Smart AI for smarter SEO: Frase uses AI technology to generate optimized content in seconds.
  • SERP research made simple: Frase saves time by analyzing and condensing content from top search results.
  • Outlines in minutes instead of hours: Easily curate outlines using headings from the SERP or let AI generate one for you.
  • Automatically generate SERP-inspired content: Design an outline and instantly convert it into a full draft.
  • Blueprint for creating ranking content: Frase’s intuitive text editor uses a topic model to assess your content compared to competitors and provide recommendations for improvement.

Use Cases:

  • Content creation workflow optimization: Frase streamlines the process of going from keyword research to final draft, making it quick and painless.
  • SEO competitor analysis: Frase’s intuitive research panel allows users to easily analyze and compare competitors’ content.
  • Collaboration and teamwork: Frase’s in-product tools are designed to simplify collaboration with freelancers and coworkers.
  • Crafting high-converting content: Use this tool to generate controlled outputs like blog intros, headings, and more to create content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Improving search engine rankings: With Frase’s AI-powered content optimization, users can create content that is more likely to rank on Google and other search engines.

Paid version: Starting from $14.99 Per month

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