Evolv AI

Evolv AI

What is Evolv AI ?

Evolv AI is an AI-led experience optimisation platform that helps businesses improve their key performance metrics by identifying areas for optimisation, creating and deploying changes, and automatically serving the best performing experiences to the right audiences. With its Generative AI capabilities and Active Learning system, This tool offers a seamless and efficient way to experiment and optimize customer experiences. Its API-first platform allows for easy integration with existing technology stacks.

Evolv AI Key Features:

  • AI-led experience optimization
  • Generative AI for instant coding and deployment
  • Active Learning system for continuous optimization
  • API-first platform for easy integration

Use Cases:

  • Improving revenue, sign-ups, and engagement for leading global brands
  • Increasing conversions on booking pages, product detail pages, and add-to-cart actions
  • Optimizing shopping cart to increase average order value
  • Streamlining experimentation and optimization process for subscription-based brands and retailers

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