Electric AI

Electric AI

What is Electric AI ?

Electric AI is a comprehensive IT management platform designed to simplify and standardize IT processes for businesses. It provides a user-friendly interface to manage people, devices, and applications in one place. With Electric, companies can streamline their IT operations and ensure the security of their business.

Electric AI Key Features:

  • Centralized IT management for devices, networks, and applications
  • Real-time IT support from over 200 expert technicians
  • Quick and efficient employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Proactive recommendations and guidance from Electric
  • Support for strategic IT projects such as office moves or ISO certification

Use Cases:

  • Entrepreneurs can save time and focus on growing their business by delegating IT management to Electric.
  • Companies with expanding IT needs can benefit from Electric’s standardized approach and expert support.
  • Businesses undergoing major projects can rely on Electric for IT management and guidance.
  • Companies with multiple locations can utilize Electric’s nationwide network of specialists for local IT support.

Paid version: Starting from $Flexible

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