Dynatrace Davis AI

Dynatrace Davis AI

What is Dynatrace Davis AI ?

Dynatrace Davis AI is an AI-powered technology that combines predictive AI, causal AI, and generative AI to provide observability, security, and business use cases. It offers precise answers, intelligent automation, and recommendations to boost productivity. This CoPilot further enhances this by providing hypermodal AI and automating tasks such as root-cause analysis, natural language queries, auto-coded workflows, and onboarding. Dynatrace Davis is used by large enterprises to gain immediate insights and offers custom-trained large language models for various use cases.

Dynatrace Davis AI Key Features:

  • Predictive AI: Continuously forecasts and predicts anomalies across multidimensional baselines, application traffic, and service load.
  • Causal AI: Analyzes observability and security data in the context of topology information to pinpoint root causes and prioritize based on business impact.
  • Generative AI: Uses predictive and causal AI to create queries, notebooks, and dashboards for simplified analytics and workflow recommendations.

Use Cases:

  • Automatic root-cause analysis: This tool automatically detects and analyzes the root cause of problems, providing recommendations for remediation.
  • Natural language queries: Users can explore data and discover patterns using natural language, thanks to Davis CoPilot’s translation to Dynatrace Query Language.
  • Auto-coded workflows: This CoPilot simplifies automation of remediation actions and integrations with tools such as ChatOps, DevOps, and ITSM.
  • Predictive operations: Davis AI enables proactive issue detection and avoidance, as well as automatic actions such as forecasting, report generation, and orchestration.
  • Auto-generated quality checks: Dynatrace Site Reliability Guardian uses machine learning and anomaly detection to validate code quality objectives before production.
  • AI-powered application security: This AI assesses risk, detects and blocks threats, and recommends remediation strategies for real-time security optimization.
  • Natural language to visual analytics: This CoPilot can generate dashboards and notebooks using causal AI context, allowing for easy visualization and exploration of data.
  • AI-assisted onboarding and platform use: CoPilot provides recommendations and guidance for onboarding new technologies, applying configurations, and leveraging new capabilities and best practices.

Paid version: Starting from $

Dynatrace Davis AI Dynatrace Davis AI