What is DraftMe ?

DraftMe is an AI-powered platform designed to help lawyers increase productivity and efficiency in their workflow. Using advanced Generative AI technology, DraftMe automates the document review and creation process, allowing teams to complete projects faster, more accurately, and with less stress. The platform is geared towards legal practitioners, law firms, and corporate legal departments looking to streamline their document creation and review process.

DraftMe Key Features:

  • Generative AI: This tool harnesses the power of AI to create and review documents, resulting in more efficient, accurate, and secure creation and review of legal documents.
  • Collaboration: This allows multiple members of a legal team to work on documents simultaneously, streamlining the review process and boosting collaboration.
  • Project Management: The platform features built-in project management tools, allowing team members to track the progress of their work, stay on top of deadlines, and delegate tasks to other team members.
  • Secure Data Storage: DraftMe employs robust security guarantees to ensure sensitive legal information is kept secure.

Use Cases:

  • Document creation: This tool can automates the process of drafting legal documents, from briefs to contract agreements, allowing lawyers to focus on what they do best, providing legal counsel to their clients.
  • Document review: With its advanced AI-based language processing capabilities and built-in review tools, DraftMe can help lawyers ensure they have reviewed and edited documents accurately and thoroughly, saving them valuable hours of work.
  • Collaboration: DraftMe facilitates collaboration between team members by allowing them to work on the same documents simultaneously, making it ideal for remote and in-person work.
  • Project Management: DraftMe allows legal teams to easily manage projects, ensuring that the document creation and review process remains organized and on track.

Paid version: Starting from $40 Per month

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