What is DiffusionBee ?

DiffusionBee is a free software that allows users to create AI art on their computer with Stable Diffusion tools. It comes equipped with cutting-edge features for generating unique images, including text to image, image to image, in-painting, out-painting, upscaling, custom models, and advanced options. The software is available for macOS and runs offline, with no limits placed on usage. With an active community on Discord, DiffusionBee become a popular choice for those wanting an easy-to-use software tool to generate AI art quickly.

DiffusionBee Key Features:

  • Cutting-edge features to generate AI art easily
  • Text-to-image feature
  • Image-to-image feature
  • Advanced options like negative prompt, diffusion steps, etc.
  • Private: all generation happens locally, nothing is sent to the cloud
  • Active community on Discord

Use Cases:

  • Generate unique, AI-generated art pieces for galleries and exhibitions
  • Create digital art quickly and easily
  • Develop custom images for websites, social media, or any creative project
  • Modify existing images using advanced AI-based image editing tools
  • Increase resolution of images using AI-powered upscaling feature

Paid version: Starting from $0 Per month

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